From Poetry

A Collection of Poems, by Mariam Altuhaimer

This collection contains three pieces of writing. They most closely fit into the genre of poetry.

Piece 1: When I’m reading books, in every character I see myself. I guess that’s what books are supposed to do, make you feel like they’re real and that you’re a part of it all. But sometimes in the middle of words and lines, I see you. I imagine your reactions to certain parts, and how you’d let me ramble on and on about anything, even if it annoyed you.

Piece 2: I write because some nights I cry and I wanna give my tears a reason.
I know I’m depressed, but I also have shit to say.
have anxiety and sometimes the words bubble in my throat.

Piece 3: Sometimes I wish people could read my mind. Other times I make things complicated cuz I think they can.
That’s usually how I fuck up most of my relationships.
I like the idea of a surprise but not actual surprises. The idea is romantic but the actuality is terrifying.
I’ve had enough surprises, they’ve lost their glamour.